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A mixed bag.

Posted by Darren on April 10, 2010

I’ve had a request for “more beetles”, so here are a few random shots.  The first is a Eucalyptus Tip Bug (immature form).  This colourful beetle would quiver when approached it as if to warn of  it’s presence,  possibly as it may be toxic to eat.  I think the next shot is a shield bug of some description, though I am unsure as there are so many types.  I have no idea what the last beetle is,  I’ve never seen anything like it before and have yet to find an identity to fit.


5 Responses to “A mixed bag.”

  1. Hi Darren – just found you through Nature Blog Network. Nice photographs you have here. The first two are not beetles, though, but true bugs of the order Hemiptera. Photo 3 is a beetle, one of the flower chafers.
    best regards–ted

    • Darren said

      Hi Ted, your comments and corrections are very welcome. When I wanted to start this blog as a photographic appreciation of insects, I wanted to challenge myself to identify as many of the insects as possible (a difficult task for the untrained). I am often guilty of using the term “beetle” very loosely, so I must beware of that in the future. Thank you for identifying photo #3, I didn’t even know where to start. The amazing diversity that I love capturing in photos is also equally daunting when you attempt to identify, though I am gaining more knowledge every day.

      Many Thanks


  2. Kerry said

    You have some superb photos in your blog. The first two in this post especially stood out. I look forward to following your future posts.

  3. Great photos on your website! Easiest way to tell a beetle from a “true bug” is to look for a straight line down the back where the wing covers come together (think ladybug). The wings of true bugs very often criss-cross or resemble a shield. Best of luck to you!

    Norma Holly Eslick

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