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Australian Bush Fly

Posted by Darren on April 18, 2010

I find the architecture of flies fascinating, and they are easy to photograph as they are not easily spooked.  I think this is a photo of the Australian Bush Fly (Musca vetustissima), but I am not totally certain.  If you search around dusk you will find them resting on leaves or the tallest grass stems .  Sometimes a single isolated stem will have several flies as they all seem to look for a prime spot to roost during the night.  I guess the higher you are up from the undergrowth, the safer you will be.   This is a great time of day to photograph them as they are so sedate in the low light you could touch them. 


One Response to “Australian Bush Fly”

  1. Jo said

    I get goose bumps looking at that one! REPULSIVE! Jo

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