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Hover-fly caught in flight……..just!

Posted by Darren on April 21, 2010

I wanted to show this photo of a hover-fly caught in flight as they are quite hard to photograph, let alone photograph in focus.  I would have liked to have got a closer shot,  though anyone who has tried to photograph a hover-fly will find  they won’t let you get too close, especially in flight. I’m not totally happy with this photo from a composition perspective, but wanted to share it as it may be a while before I catch one like this again! It’s always amazing to watch these insects in flight.  So much control and maneuverability in their flying ability.  This is an example of the Common Hover-Fly (Ischiodon scutellaris), a common sight around the garden.


One Response to “Hover-fly caught in flight……..just!”

  1. Lovely shot – we are always our own worst critic!

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