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Yellow and Black Potter Wasp

Posted by Darren on April 21, 2010

When it comes to getting photos of the more skittish of insects (i.e. wasps), I often find that following rain is a good time to hunt for them.  It seems that many insects seem a lot more sedate in the wet, and prefer to find a nice roost to sit and dry.  I came across this wasp roosting on the leaves of a Grevillea and managed to get quite close without disturbing it.  If this was during the day, the wasp would have been off in a flash.  It seemed more concerned about cleaning off the water droplets than anything else.

I’m almost certain this is the Yellow and Black Potter Wasp (Delta campaniforme), though it does look very similar to the Mud-Dauber Wasp (Sceliphron formosum). The two could be further differentiated by the shape of their nests which are made of mud.  The Yellow and Black Potter Wasp is a solitary wasp that builds a small round mud nest.  It then stocks this nest with caterpillars that are paralyzed for the developing larvae.


One Response to “Yellow and Black Potter Wasp”

  1. Pollinator said

    These shots are terrific. It looks like a potter wasp to me. Sceliphron’s abdomen looks different.

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