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Grey Striped Fly (Sarcophaga aurifrons)

Posted by Darren on May 11, 2010

Here’s an example of the Grey Striped Fly (Sarcophaga aurifrons), a common fly seen in the Australia garden. The Grey Striped Fly also goes by the common name of “Flesh Fly” thanks to the tendency of a few species to lay eggs into open wounds.   These flies are quite large and are easily photographed in the late afternoon when they are settling down on leaves and twigs for the night.  At this time of day you can get right up close without them spooking to get some great close ups of their ugly, yet highly detailed head!


6 Responses to “Grey Striped Fly (Sarcophaga aurifrons)”

  1. Kerri said

    This WOWs me!

  2. Great shots Darren. What lens did you use and how did you light it?

  3. […] You can check out an awesome and exquisitely detailed close-up shot of the Grey Striped Fly over at Bug Shots.wordpress.com […]

  4. […] https://bugshots.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/grey-striped-fly-sarcophaga-aurifrons/ […]

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