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No match for a Lynx Spider

Posted by Darren on May 20, 2010

Here is an example of what is commonly known as a Lynx Spider (Family Oxyopidae), a very common spider found in Australian gardens.  I’m not sure what particular species of Lynx Spider this is as I see quite a lot of diversity in this family of spiders.   These small spiders are certainly impressive hunters when you compare them to the size of the prey they take down.  The prey in this instance appears to be a flying ant or possibly a small wasp.  I find these spiders in all types of foliage, and they are often found in habitats that allow for impressive camouflage.  Initially I didn’t notice this spider against the colour of the plant stem, instead only seeing its lifeless prey.  I often spot them beautifully camouflaged in flowers waiting for an unsuspecting pollinator to drop in.


One Response to “No match for a Lynx Spider”

  1. Richard said

    Hi Darren, The range of subjects seems endless and each photo is interesting in in own right.It`s mind boggling to think of the future for this journey.All the Best Richard

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