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Wandering Percher Dragonfly

Posted by Darren on July 4, 2010

I think that one of the hardest insects to shoot thanks to their skittish nature would have to be the dragonfly.  I have been hoping for months to find some specimens for “Bugshots”, but trying to shoot them on a bright day is very difficult.  You will just get close enough only to have it take off just before you manage to focus.  I managed to spot this dragonfly in the afternoon perched on a small scrub, and only just spotted the insect with its excellent camouflage.  I was hoping that one of these late afternoon photo sessions would uncover a dragonfly and I would be able to get a lot closer in the fading light.

It was difficult to get a good front on shot of this Wandering Percher (Diplacodes bipunctata) as the stem was in the way, but I managed to get a few shots of its intricate details before it took off.  Hopefully as time goes on I’ll get a few more additions to Order Odonata as I improve my technique with photographing these beautiful insects.


2 Responses to “Wandering Percher Dragonfly”

  1. geckors said


    i think your pictures are very fantastic, but how do you make them??

    I´m using an Nikon D90 with the new 105mm Macro and am not able to take so close Pictures!

    You can view some of my Pictures under http://www.fotoartisten.net

  2. Darren said

    Hi Geckors.

    Thanks for your feedback. Your shots are very nice by the way! I also use the TC17eII teleconverter to give me an extra 70% magnification as well as some cropping to improve composition. I also usually get right up to my minimum focus distance with my macro lens which also can be difficult with some insects as you will spook them. I just have different techniques with different insects.

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