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Beautiful Salticidae

Posted by Darren on August 11, 2010

I have definitely noticed a drop off in the variety and quantity of insect species during winter, though there has been no shortage of jumping spider sightings.  These little spiders are everywhere at the moment and I am also seeing numerous species of Salticidae. One of the greatest frustrations at the moment would have to be the persistent wind which has been quite successful in ruining most of my shots this week.  I have been noticing quite a few jumpers on my windows which has allowed me to gather a few photos without the wind moving the subject around.  I am probably seeing 2-3 spiders on each window of my house, and they appear to be hunting the small flies that land there frequently.  It’s quite entertaining watching the spiders catch sight of these flies and how they will stalk them.  Their approach is very stealthy and patient, though they will cleverly cover ground much quicker when they move out of sight of the prey.


6 Responses to “Beautiful Salticidae”

  1. He looks like he’s wearing the Crown Jewels!

  2. Great shot! I love those bottle green eyes…

  3. Ratty said

    Excellent picture of the jumping spider. I once angered a jumping spider while I was taking its picture and it followed me until I moved away. Bugs aren’t my usual subject, but I get as many as I can.

    • Darren said

      Jumping spiders definitely watch you very closely when you are photographing them. If you look at the placement of their eyes, they must have 360 degree vision. You can’t sneak up on them! On a few occasions I’ve had them jump onto the lens when I’ve been too close.

  4. dreamfalcon said

    nice eyes – ooh it got four of them…

  5. Wow! That is incredible. I can see the little hairs on its legs. It’s eyes are so focused, almost like it knows its picture is being taken.

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