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Hover Fly at rest

Posted by Darren on December 20, 2010

The Common Hover Fly (Ischiodon scutellaris) would have to be one of my favorite insects to photograph as their behavior allows for some interesting shots.  Firstly, their ability to hover in one position almost flawlessly gives the photographer the chance to shoot them in flight which is almost impossible with other insects, particularly flies.  Even when startled, these Hover Flies will often return to the same spot you first found them, giving you a few more chances at get then photo you want.


4 Responses to “Hover Fly at rest”

  1. yvanmarn said

    Wow, beautiful photo, congratulations!

  2. Your macro shots are unbelievable! Such patience it takes to capture the smallest of life. So glad to have run across your site – and looking forward to keeping up with your buggy adventures 🙂

    -Carrie and Ben

  3. Very nice! I have a sequence of a feeding hoverfly up at The Bug Whisperer right now.

  4. anki said

    wow, this pictures as such sharpness, I love them. Hover flies is very beautiful with sharp colors and just to hover above a flower. 🙂
    But they are very difficult to find name on someteims, al two wings insects, but it’s so funny to know what it is.

    I am also a amatour with love for the small things in nature, I have plenty of books I looks in when a look for names, maybe I get some help from you blog to found names for some of my photos too. 🙂

    have a good day

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