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Leaf Cutter Bee

Posted by Darren on November 8, 2011

Hi all.  It has been many months since my last post and I’m hoping that I will be able to start posting more regularly again.  Recently I was lucky enough to spot this small native bee which I’m guessing is a Leaf Cutter Bee (Family Megachilidae).   Getting any photo, let alone a good photo is very difficult with these small Bees as they refuse to sit still.  Identification is difficult with numerous species in the area, so any feedback on the presumed ID is appreciated.  I was lucky enough to catch this specimen in the early morning when it was quite docile.  They are definitely one of my favourite insects to shoot thanks to the challenge they pose.

Leaf Cutter Bee


3 Responses to “Leaf Cutter Bee”

  1. anki said

    Hello, wow what a great pictures you take, love them. 🙂

    I live in Sweden and now our bugs has rest for winter, but I really look forward to spring in april when they wake up again. I love to takes photos on bugs and other small insects, spiders with macro but I don’t think my pictures are good as yours.

    take care and keep up with photo and this great blog . 🙂

  2. hi darren – i hope you do not mind, but i am using one of your very cute native bee shots as my mugshot on twitter for the moment. please let me know if inappropriate – will change if necessary, and will in any case change it in a few weeks.
    btw, technical perfection in your photographs – so impressed!

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