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Native Beauties

Posted by Darren on January 21, 2012

Australian Native Bees are everywhere at the moment,  far outnumbering the honey bees in my garden.  If you can catch them at rest, this is your only chance to get a shot of these very fast little bees.  Often in the low light you will find them roosting in a position that seems unique to the native bees.  They will bite onto the end of a flower or twig with their jaws while tucking their legs under their body.  I have no idea of the species of these two bees as there are numerous species in the area.  Please feel free to provide an ID if you can.


2 Responses to “Native Beauties”

  1. I know its unbecoming of a serious entomology-inclined person, but…Tarnation! Bees are so cute when they roost like that! Dare I say it? Cuter then kittens!

  2. Nursey Jo Jo said

    I just love the first image of the bee biting onto the leaf. Fantastic shots Darren. X

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