Bug Shots

A closer look at insect photography


Welcome the Bugshots, a closer look at insect photography.

My name is Darren Allen, and I am an Australian amateur photographer with a passionate interest in close-up/macro photography.

Why a blog devoted to insect photography?

I find the infinite variety and complex architecture of insects truly remarkable.  With the art of photography, I hope to reveal the hidden beauty and complex details of insects rarely seen by the naked eye.

I have always had an interest in the nature of things, and in combination with my photography, I can share this interest with others.

My approach to insect photography is a natural one.  I believe in photographing insects in their natural environments, without killing, freezing or injuring my subjects.  This blog also includes photographs of other Arthropods in the undergrowth.

This blog is primarily approached from a photography perspective,  though I always try to identify the species that I am photographing.

As I am not an Entomology expert, please correct me on any misidentifications that I post!

As a self-taught photographer, I am continually learning and improving my techniques in close-up/macro photography, and hope to share more about this in the future.



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