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More Native Beauties

Posted by Darren on January 26, 2012

I just can’t go past taking a shot of these native bees.  They are just everywhere at the moment and many can be found at rest which makes for some fantastic photo opportunities.


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Native Beauties

Posted by Darren on January 21, 2012

Australian Native Bees are everywhere at the moment,  far outnumbering the honey bees in my garden.  If you can catch them at rest, this is your only chance to get a shot of these very fast little bees.  Often in the low light you will find them roosting in a position that seems unique to the native bees.  They will bite onto the end of a flower or twig with their jaws while tucking their legs under their body.  I have no idea of the species of these two bees as there are numerous species in the area.  Please feel free to provide an ID if you can.

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Leaf Cutter Bee

Posted by Darren on November 8, 2011

Hi all.  It has been many months since my last post and I’m hoping that I will be able to start posting more regularly again.  Recently I was lucky enough to spot this small native bee which I’m guessing is a Leaf Cutter Bee (Family Megachilidae).   Getting any photo, let alone a good photo is very difficult with these small Bees as they refuse to sit still.  Identification is difficult with numerous species in the area, so any feedback on the presumed ID is appreciated.  I was lucky enough to catch this specimen in the early morning when it was quite docile.  They are definitely one of my favourite insects to shoot thanks to the challenge they pose.

Leaf Cutter Bee

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Guarding the eggs.

Posted by Darren on November 27, 2010

Known as the Small Brown Paper Wasp (Ropalidia revolutionalis), these social wasps are not overly aggressive like other social wasp species. Although they will attack if severely provoked, these wasps usually stand their ground on the nest and are not easily scared off.  When approached they will often make a display by buzzing their wings and shaking their bodies as a warning.

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Stingless Bee

Posted by Darren on August 30, 2010

Here’s a few shots of a small native stingless bee which from all my research appears to be Trigona carbonaria, though I am not completely certain. I often see these small bees buzzing around bright flowers and finally managed to get a few shots.  They are really quite small (approx 5- 6 mm) and can be easily disturbed if you get too close.  I wasn’t actually sure what these small insects were at first until I managed to get a few close ups.  I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for more of these little bees in the future.

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