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Thanks for the feedback

Posted by Darren on July 21, 2010

Hi all

I just wanted to put a thanks out to Emma Springfield at Nature Center Magazine for making “Bug Shots” the “Nature Blog of the Week”. It’s always encouraging to receive such great feedback in addition to helping share this blog with others.   Nature Center Magazine is a great forum for nature enthusiasts with news, articles and photos on a wide range on nature related topics.  They’re also a hub for numerous nature websites from all over the world so please check them out sometime.

Thanks again for your support



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Category changes

Posted by Darren on April 23, 2010

Hi all

I have decided to change the category list to group insects based on their Order rather than their common name.   This will allow for more accurate categorisation as well as being functionally easier for the blog page.  I have also included the category “Other Arthropods” to include other interesting organisms in the undergrowth.  If you hover over the particular categories, the common names will appear to give a brief summary of common insects you will find in that Order.  I hope to add more Orders in the future as examples appear, and should the collection grow even larger, hopefully further catergorisation by Family.

Many thanks


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Feedback on the new site

Posted by Darren on April 14, 2010

Many thanks to all that have viewed and commented on my new blog since its recent creation.  This is my first attempt at any form of webpage and all feedback has been appreciated.  I am hoping to add more categories as my photo collections increase and hopefully I will place species in the correct categories (please correct me on any misidentifications).  Although my blog is devoted to insect photography, please note that I have also included “spiders” as a category as the photographic opportunities they present cannot be overlooked!

Looking forward to posting some new photos soon.



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Hello world!

Posted by Darren on April 6, 2010

Hi all, welcome to my blog “Bug shots”, a photographic collection devoted to my interest in insect photography.

As an amateur photographer, my interests are primarily closeup/macro and wildlife photography, with the occasional attempt at storm photography (weather permitting).

What I enjoy most about close up/macro photography is that it reveals something hidden, details not usually noticable to the naked eye.  With macro photography you can open up a whole new world of detail, and it is the art of this that draws me too it.

Why a blog devoted to the photography of insects? 

The infinite variety and architecture of insects is truly fascinating.  So many different forms of life make for endless photographic opportunities.  This blog is way for me to share my interest in this form of photography, as well as document my progress in improving in this area.  For my own interest, I also try to identify the insect that I’m shooting, though I am by no means an expert in entomology, so please correct me if I’m wrong.   



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